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Finding the perfect birthday gift can be difficult.

With your lovely brothers birthday coming up we shared exactly what brothers want to receive – and it doesn’t involve any big gift. Like what one brother gave to the other brother in the miniclip after he won big on his phone.

Things to avoid

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor best brother mug

‘Worlds’ Best Brother’ mugs, Golf themed ties and ‘hilarious’ cartoon T-shirts – they’ve been staples of birthdays for years. Yet here’s the truth. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY has ever been genuinely pleased to receive one of these items. Yes, I know brothers will smile and say “Thank you” on being lumbered with this tat, but they’re really thinking is “Oh God! Will I be expected to wear this rubbish?” and “Where can I put this to make sure it gets ‘lost’?”

OK, OK, there’s an exception to every rule. Maybe some brothers do like receiving these gifts – but they’re in a minority – I’ve certainly never met one.

So what do brothers really want?


1. Cycling gift is a winner

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor cycling gadgets

No, I’ve not lost my mind. The boom in cycling in recent years means that all brothers are potentially interested, squeezing into skin-tight outfits and hitting the roads on their bikes. But Lycra kit isn’t cheap, so buying your brother a nice pair of bib-shorts or tights is sure to be a lot better received than the usual ‘Dad jumper’. Trust me, a gift of Lycra kit will be a real winner – and remember, you can always go and hide when he tries it on.

Remember, brothers on the larger side, brands like Fat Lad At The Back are a great place to find cycling gear that fits.


2. Dreaming of staying in bed
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor guy in bed

I fantasize about having a lie-in the same way most people dream of scoring the winning goal at the World Cup final. Essentially, once kids are on the scene, it’s never going to happen. These days, if I’m in bed beyond 7am I’m doing well.

So, a proper lie-in for brother is a gift he’d really appreciate. Once again, the siblings could make a special voucher guaranteeing extra hours in bed while they do his chores.

Note: This gift shouldn’t be designed to be reimbursed on the Birthday itself, with all its activities, it should be available to cash in on the morning of the brothers choice.

Giving your brother a few hours of extra kip is a gift everyone will enjoy! It may even make him a little less grumpy!


3. The remote control

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor holding on the remote

Brothers want access to the remote

In the course of human history, more arguments have started over who’s in charge of the TV Remote Control than any other subject.

You know it’s true.

So give your brother the ultimate gift: 24 hours of the TV he wants to watch – without criticism. Yes, this may well mean a whole day of football, or Westworld or Ru Paul’s Drag Race (depending on the brother). It doesn’t really matter what the brother watches, what counts is he’s allowed to make the decisions. I’d recommend the kids design a special ‘I’m in charge of the Remote Control’ voucher, to present to the brother. Trust me, he’ll appreciate this far more than the engraved nasal hair trimmer you were thinking of!


4. Beauty treatments

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor guy wellness

Brothers want to look their best

You may well laugh, but men want to appear at their best these days – yes, this includes brothers! No longer are foot-long rogue eyebrows and jungle creeper-style nasal hairs acceptable. Why not get your brother some beauty treatments at the local salon?

Is your brother hairy? A wax may be just the thing – if your brother is brave enough to take it on, that is! If this seems too extreme a relaxing massage is always an option. Why not get him a mud wrap for a bit of exfoliation? He’ll love it like a pig in mud!

Remember, sending your brother off to have a treatment has the added benefit of a few hours of peace and quiet at home – while he’s away.


5. Out with the lads

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor guys night out

A night down the pub

The chance to let your hair down with your mates gets so much rarer in the future. So a special voucher, allowing your brother a full night off is a real winner.

Once again, make the voucher yourself, that can be redeemed on a later date.

Note: This voucher should include a lie-in for the next morning – when brother may or may be nursing a hangover.


6. Superhero suit

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor morphsuit hero

All men secretly see themselves at superheroes.

Trust me, we do.

Given any opportunity we’ll be wrapping a beach towel around our shoulders and be travelling faster than a speeding bullet. At heart, we all know our day to day personas are merely secret identities, ready to be laid aside should the chance for daring-do come along!

So why not invest in a superhero suit for your brother? Morphsuits  do an impressive range from Spiderman to Wolverine! There’s even a Spidey one on Amazon. Sure to be a hit!

There is, however, one disadvantage to this gift. If you’re not careful, your brother could be organising ‘Fancy Dress Parties’ at any given chance.


7. Peace and quiet

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Peace and quiet

Why not give your brother the gift of a bit of ‘Me Time’. It’s surprisingly easy to achieve. You could book the whole family – except your brother – on a trip to the cinema, local theme park or even a weekend away. The absence of the family gives your brother the opportunity to have the run of the house, walk around in his pants and do whatever he wishes!

It sounds like bliss!


8. Boys toys

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor boy toys

It’s no secret that brothers spend a lot of time playing with toys. Whether it’s Batman , Hornby rail sets or even Star Wars figures, your brother will be into something. Why not find out what your brother toy passion is and surprise him on his birthday?

Letting your brother relive his youth is a present he won’t forget! Although, be warned, it will effectively mean there’s a kid around the house again!




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